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Year : 2015

Site area : 890M2
Build area : 245M2 


As part of social responsibility to help those in needs. This is a collaboration with great women @climbingbird who spent 3 months in the first response after Nepal earthquake.
She has done so many things with IDV team, built emergency tents, schools and etc.
I could not help to sit around. When she asked if there were someone could help her to design the monastery, i quickly grabbed the opportunity. Thank you for this opportunity @climbingbird

Design statement
Lama Yeshe planned the initial plan of the monastery with @climbingbird which i later developed into digital and 3d model which integrated with the real sloping site.
Then i tried to design the whole things without trying to change all of it. The intent is to preserve the Nepalese architecture style by using material that usually use there and found near there. By the datas that provided by her about climate, material and the needs of the Lama Yeshe, here is the first phase of the proposal of the initail DERREN NUNNERY

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