WAIDESIGNLAB is Bandung based Designlab founded in 2015. WAI Designlab’s works consist of many typology of buildings ranging from residential, café, public, library, office, and hospitality.In each of our projects we always to push the limit of each project to the maximum potential by experimenting on experience.

Our Mission

The design lab also means that this is a platform for experimenting out of the box and rebellious idea. We believe that an idea shouldn’t be restricted in the quest of searching the best possibility of the design, although in the end the design must offer both comfortable, unique, creative approach, efficient yet effective, beautiful, and environmental friendly design as its end product. The main aim is to keep experimenting on experiences because we believe human is the most important factor of all design. The main aspect should be how to make the user felt comfortable with the space. We always try to experiment the experience based on the client’s need.

Our Vision

Uloang Daad Nuhu Evav multi purpose community centre-hub
Derren Monastery in Tsum Valley

We have a strong objection about how architects should practice nowadays, our team believe that as an architect we have social responsibility to society, cities and communities. Our way of contributing to those social responsibility is commit and to spare our time to develop social project.

In the mean time we’ve involved in design process of Derren Monastery in Tsum Valley, Nepal and Uloang Daad Nuhu Evav multi purpose community centre-hub in Kei Island, Southwest Maluku, Indonesia  as part of social responsibility as an architect, Wai Designlab contribute as Volunteer architect for those projects.


Our Approach

We seek visionary clients with challenging projects that require creative design solutions. Our teaming and programming approach efficiently transforms client visions into effective, efficient, enjoyable and environment friendly. We engage and encourage our clients to actively participate in the co-creation of their projects. Our aim is to inspire the enduring sense of active contribution and a lasting pride of ownership among all stakeholders.


Our Team

Our Team consist of talented and ambitious architects  who aren’t afraid to push the limit of possibilities in each project and always try to experiment on experience.

Our Clients


Our architecture is simple

 Experimenting experiences | Future Retrospective | Utopian traditional

WAI Designlab