Showcasing the Ubuilt ?

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‘Perhaps only 2 from 10 projects got a chance to see a life’

Unbuilt project often become the forgotten files in the archives. It didnt get a chance to see a life due to many circumstances. Mostly the factors is external factors, such as regulation, client sudden revision, cancellation or change of site. Rarely unbuilt project factor comes internally.
As the creator, we always hope the project we designed and created to see a life of its own and being functional so it can give benefit to many.
Unbuilt project isnt a first draft, it is a fully developed project, sometimes often got to the point where it reached to detail drawing phase, and suddenly it got cancelled and never see a light.
We always proud with our creation, our projects, as we put our time, soul and thoughts into the project itself. It represents our belief, our value, our faith, our integrity and our soul.

Showcasing the unbuilt projects is a way for us to show to audience or future clients, so that at least we could give the projects a chance to shine, although only as a render image.

Unda Lumping (the brand name is part of our creation concept.)
Bandung, Indonesia
Oct 2018
By @WAIdesignlab
Arch in Charge : @yuu_thai & @ke.hen

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