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Showcasing the Ubuilt ?
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  ‘Perhaps only 2 from 10 projects got a chance to see a life’ Unbuilt project often become the forgotten files in the archives. It didnt get a chance to see a life due to many circumstances. Mostly the factors … Read More

Idealism vs Reality vs Business
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Idealism vs Reality vs Business   Sometimes, what we have planned for the project wont turn out to be what we expected, as for this case, it didn’t because of many elements happened during the very short process,therefore we prefer … Read More

BLOCK 71 Jakarta Office Tour by Dailysocial TV
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Our work, BLOCK71 Jakarta that finished in early 2017 were visited by Dailysocial TV a youtube channel that create awesome office-tour videos. Here’s our project on a video tour made by Daily Social TV when visited BLOCK 71 Jakarta.